Multigrain Upvas

Premium Mix

Upvas Thalipeeth, also known as Vrat Thalipeeth, is a variation of Thalipeeth that is specifically prepared during fasting or Upvas (Vrat) in Indian cuisine. It is typically made with ingredients that are allowed during fasting periods, and it offers certain benefits specific to the fasting context.

Ready In 5 Minutes

  • No Preservatives
  • No added Colour
  • No Refrigerator

Mul Grain Flour – (Soga , Amaranth, Barnyard Millet), Cumin Powder, Iodised Salt, Dehydrated Green Chilli.

Benefits of Upvas Thalipeeth:

• Satiety during Fasting
• Slow Release of Energy
• Nutritional Value
• Digestive Benefits
• Gluten-Free and Grain-Free
• Versatility
• Traditional and Cultural Significance

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