Herbiage Foods, a division of Aaradhya's Herbiage Food Products Pvt Ltd. is a food company introducing a new way of living to you. Our contribution to your life is done by looking out for diverse ways to bring you a healthy lifestyle with no disruption to your normal lifestyle. We do this by fitting in your daily routine and time.

We make and offer a range of healthy and nourishing instant food products which energize your lifestyle. These products come with No Preservatives, No Additives, & No Refridgeration. These are your ‘go to’ choice for a quick and healthy meal. Moreover, we manage to do this at reasonable prices you’d absolutely spend to keep your loved ones and yourself healthy and fit.

Our Products are made keeping in mind the homemade taste everyone loves, sleek and compact carrying packages, spotless team spirit and an extraordinary longer shelf life. We prefer our products are favourable to busy working professional who keep finding ways to save and spend time with their loved ones and hate to compromise their health. If you’re a newly married woman, a working woman and a student who needs a healthy and instant way of having meals, then Herbiage Foods is there to help you.

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